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Exactly two months ago, on 17th March 2020 In a perceptive article, author Maiti Bibhansu, wrote in Times of India about the subtle science of Microvita. First proposed by P.R Sarcar, 34 years ago, it has a great relevance to the mysterious pandemic, Coronavirus, baffling scientists all over the world.

Bibhansu writes: Coronovirus has become a severe threat to this planet earth. It is spreading like wildfire. WHO has declared a health emergency. Still, there is no proper treatment to fight it.

In the year 1986, the great spiritual master and philosopher Shri P R Sarkar aka Shri Shri Anandamurti wrote a book, “Microvita in a nutshell”. This book has a link to some viruses like coronavirus. Sarkar is of the opinion that the smallest particle of matter or an element is not an atom, electron or proton but a microvitum or microvita in the plural. Microvita exists in both physical and psychic realms. Physically they are smaller than a sub-atomic particle and in the psychic realm, they are subtler than ectoplasm. These microvita belong to three categories—positive or friendly microvita, negative or harmful microvita and neutral microvita.

According to the Dutch microvita researcher Henk de Weijer “Microvita are tiny creative catalysing agents. They build atoms of matter, biology and mind while cooperating with the characteristics of subatomic particles and pure energy”.

Starting from the basic concept expressed by Sarkar in his discourses, the scholar Richard Gautier highlighted the involvement of microvita in the organization of energy for the creation and maintenance of structures. He wrote: “…without microvita, no physical structure can exist. This is because, without microvita, energy or prana cannot be organized to become vital energy and create or maintain the existence of a structure.”

In connection with Quantum Field Theory, another researcher from the Netherlands, Frank van den Bovenkamp, suggests that the scalar field (a special type of quantum field) not only gives mass to elementary particles but on top of that produces subtle vibrations which appear to possess certain characteristics of microvita. This inner, simultaneous state of the all-pervading scalar field is reminiscent of P.R. Sarkar’s philosophical concept of “Trigunatmika”, also referred to as the Causal Matrix, and has no reality in the absolute sense but is superior to its effects and is inferred by them.


Reacting to the article, Richard Gauthier a researcher and Physics instructor, from Santa Rosa Junior College, California, USA, wrote: “This is a very nice article about microvita and their potential for helping society in these difficult times. I have been researching microvita for more than 30 years. some of my articles on microvita and science can be found at: richardgauthier(dot)academia(dot)edu(slash) research.

“My latest research”, he adds, “is about Microvita and the Origin of the Universe. You can find a PowerPoint for this article “superluminal primordial information quanta (sprinqs) created and compose a multiverse of equally fine-tuned universes evolving life and highly-developed minds” at the above location in the presentations section. I encourage interested people to find out more about microvita and to read P.R. Sarkar’s (Shrii Shrii Anandamurti’s) original article about microvita at microvita(dot)org . Read from source at the link below:

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